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A Change of Consciousness: A Hippie’s Memoir of the Sixties and Beyond

In 1968 San Francisco and the counterculture transformed, Rand Greenfield, a naïve 18-year old preppie from a small town in the Midwest into a hippie almost overnight. Here are the tales of a time of seeking magic and of the times the author lived through and where they took him, the memories of an unconventional life.

“Rand has led a colorful life (to put it mildly) and writes about it with a warm, compelling tone… It’s both a trip down memory lane for some and a travelogue of interior space and exterior beauty… I found myself repeatedly saying, `Wow, he did that while stoned?’”

Idony Lisle, Ph.D., Book Editor

BookCover-Change-of-Consciousness-266x400Rand’s early tales range from New Year’s Eve with the Grateful Dead to an acid trip through the bardos of the Tibetan Book of the Dead; from founding the first co-op house at Stanford with forty other co-ed dreamers to partying with the Mothers of Invention.

After completing his law degree, the law took the author up the Alaska Highway to assist in the Massage Parlor Murder trial and over the seas to help defend Israel’s environment.  Settling in New Mexico Rand helped save the sacred lands of Jemez Pueblo while sufi dancing with Ram Das at Lama.  The author also describes his wanderings in the wilderness from Mt. Sinai to Mt. McKinley and from Glacier Bay to Carlsbad Caverns.  Less fortunate happenings include:  one friend’s notorious murder and another’s imprisonment, student rioting and corporate skullduggery and proverbial as well as actual snakes in the grass.

All these memories and more are set forth herein and the author’s reflections on what hippiedom wrought and where it has taken him are here as well; so come see how his consciousness, and the country’s, changed and perhaps yours may change too.



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